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| Wrona DuBois, P.L.L.C.

Beatrice Barker, 90, died in June and now her son and daughter-in-law have been charged with abusing her and stealing from her. Corin Lynn Barker and his wife, Nadine Barker, were charged Tuesday with abusing Corin’s mother after staff at a local hospital alerted authorities of their suspicions.

Beatrice Barker was admitted to Pioneer Valley Hospital in early June because she had lost weight, she had serious bed sores, she was in renal failure, and she had pneumonia. She died a short time later. Police looked into the physical neglect allegations and found that living conditions at Beatrice’s home were less than ideal – mold but no food in the refrigerator, empty medication bottles, and sub-standard living/sleeping conditions.

While looking into the physical neglect, investigators discovered the financial misconduct. As Beatrice and her husband Verl aged, Corin was given power of attorney for his parents so he could manage their financial affairs. Their assets included $40,000 in social security benefits, savings, and $60,000 plus in insurance benefits paid after Verl died in 2007. Police claim that Corin pilfered all but about $1,800 of that before his mother died. For his part, Corin claims that he only spent $56,000 and change on himself; he said he spent the rest taking care of his parents. Wow – everyone needs a kid like that taking care of them as they age.

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