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Organ Donation Reveals Grace In the Face of Tragedy

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The family of Christina Taylor Green, the 9-year-old girl killed in the Tuscon shootings a little more than a week ago, made the selfless decision to donate her organs after she passed away. The Donor Network of Arizona recently told the family that Christina’s corneas saved the eyesight of two children. It is unclear whether other organs have been successfully transplanted, but the family is comforted by what they know of the donations so far.

The family could have turned inward to grieve and no one could blame them for doing so. Instead, while grieving, they thought of others and made the decision to donate. We should all consider this option and make it happen if we see fit. For more information on organ donation and how to arrange for it, visit the U.S. Government’s official organ donation website at organdonor.gov.

1 Comment

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    As the mother of an organ donor (I lost my lovely daughter to a random car accident), I can truly share their experience. While no two griefs are the same, the sudden loss of a child is beyond measure. And the selfless and life-affirming decision to donate organs is possibly the best thing Christina’s parents did – for the recipients and for themselves.
    My daughter has saved five lives and helped countless more, and the comfort this gives me is also beyond measure. Deep, resounding hugs and love to her parents and loved ones. It is ever so hard…