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Distracted Truck Driver Kills 200 Sheep

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A distracted truck driver killed about 200 sheep when his truck and livestock trailer rolled off U.S. Highway 189 near Heber City. The driver lost control and left the highway midday and then over-corrected as he tried to regain control.

The driver was not injured in the accident, but the sheep in his care were not so lucky. The highway was closed for about three hours as responders rounded up the surviving sheep and cleaned up the carnage and wreckage left behind. Troopers that investigated attribute the cause to the driver being distracted.

Distracted driving continues to haunt (and kill) motorists everywhere. Watch this:


And this:


But a national summit has been held on the issue:


Now, listen to friends who speak on the topic:


And then deal with the problem:


If we want to have safe highways and byways, we all have to do our part.