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Utah Catholics Alter Practices in Face of H1N1

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Bishop John C. Wester of the Salt Lake catholic diocese has ordered a change in the liturgy in the face of the spread of the swine flu. In a letter Thursday to parishes, schools and other Catholic affiliated entities, he conveyed that local catholics will temporarily abstain from using a common communion chalice, will not do the traditional hand-shake greeting at services, and will not have holy water to dip their fingers in at places of worship.

Also, those involved in giving communion are to use hand sanitizers discreetly when they can and are encouraged to offer the host in the hand rather than on the tongue as is often the custom. Most importantly, church members are encouraged to observe the now well known flu avoidance tips of washing hands often, sneezing into the arm, avoiding close contact and most importantly, staying at home if there is any sign of illness.