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Safety First When It Comes To Kayaking And Canoeing

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Utah has dozens of lakes and rivers that are navigable by kayaks and canoes – navigating them safely should be the first order of business. There are a number of great resources out there to consult for Utah (and other states), but one of the most comprehensive is paddling.net. This site includes the following items of interest:

CATEGORY: Equipment / First Aid (Safety)

Another great resource on safety related issues with links to excellent resources is commanderbob.com.

Once you have safety issues mastered, the next order of business is getting the right equipment. For kayaks, check out this site and for canoes, check out this site.

Next, it is time to go paddling. Check out this site for local paddling location information, this site for an outfitter, and this site for a local guidebook. Paddle, enjoy and be safe.