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Amy Schauers
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Passengers at Risk of Catastrophic Accidents on Runways

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According to a report from the congressional Government Accountability Office, airline passengers may be at risk to catastrophic accidents of airline runway collisions. Collisions, which were narrowly or barely avoided, have occured about 30 per year since 2002.

The FAA made significant progress with its 2002 national runway safety plan which dropped these occurrences considerably. This report is saying that the efforts are now weakening.

In November, 2006, a loaded passenger jet taxiing to a runway at Newark Airport clipped wings with another jet.

After all the efforts in security and safety following 911 is the FAA cutting corners and failing air passengers? Hopefully the safety of passengers is not falling by the wayside.

Since 1990, there have been six runway collisions at U.S. airports, resulting in 63 fatalities. Thirty-four of those deaths occurred at Los Angeles International Airport when an aircraft that was landing struck an aircraft that was holding on the runway.