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Logan Northern Canal Disaster – Fourth Installment

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This is my fourth installment in a series on the Logan Northern Canal disaster. The canal failed last Saturday and a landslide completely destroyed a home; three people inside, a mother and her two children, were killed. The three bodies were recovered after several days of searching and now the focus has turned to a search for answers and to helping the victims.

Logan city workers have been working hard to clear mud and debris so that other neighborhood evacuees can return to their homes. But although Canyon Road is open, some residents have elected to stay with families elsewhere and some have decided to move altogether. While other Canyon Road residents are deciding how to move forward, the family of the three lost in the disaster are planning a funeral service on Saturday at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Logan (Hyde Park). An account has also been set up Wells Fargo to help the family under the name Rose Rivera.

Meanwhile, Jon Meikle, president of the Logan and Northern Irrigation Co. has indicated that he is unsure of the future of the company. The company is making efforts to deliver water to its shareholders, but it is unclear whether they will be able to deliver what the users need. Meetings between the city and the company are planned to discuss the long term future of the canal. The meetings must result in effective action to prevent future disasters from occurring.