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Logan Northern Canal Collapse Update – Local And Federal Partnership To Take Action

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I did a series of posts in the wake of the Logan Northern Canal collapse last summer that took the lives of three people and caused hundreds of thousands in property damage.

Canal Collapse In Logan Causes Tragedy And Highlights Troubled History

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Logan Northern Canal Disaster – Tenth Installment

Proposed Bill Takes Aim at Canal Safety but Misses Target

Working against an approaching deadline to claim $19.3 million in federal funds, the Logan City Council and the Cache County Council met last week to hammer out an agreement on their sponsorship of a repair project that will be completed in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NCRS). Cache County must match 25 percent of the funding.

The county had reservations about taking on the responsibility for the sponsorship, but ultimately determined that it made the most sense given the number of local players that will participate. The sponsorship puts the county on the hook for any cost overruns and any liabilities that may arise, but they intend to work out agreements to spread those costs among the local stakeholders if they are incurred and to share the costs of operation and maintenance of the system. Local stakeholders include canal company shareholders and the municipalities of Logan, Hyde Park, North Logan and Smithfield.

The repair solution has not yet been agreed upon. Canal company shareholders have formed the Cache Highland Water Association and have indicated that they prefer to divert water from the Logan River through the canal and down 3100 North in North Logan. There are other proposals being circulated and eventually, the public will have an opportunity to comment on all of the proposals.