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Gynecologist Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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Saudi Arabian gynecologist Samia Al-Amoudi was shocked to learn that she had self diagnosed her own stage three breast cancer last year. Al-Amoudi admits that as she worked with her female patients she encouraged them to have regular mammograms and to do their own self-breast exams but never took these precautions for herself.

Al-Amoudi is now determined to help the women of Saudi Arabia. She has been involved with many speaking engagements and support groups.

“She is a pioneer in terms of touching on a subject very personal,” said Saudi writer and poet Thuraya Arrayed. “For her to come out and say here I am,” Arrayed said, “it is wonderful.”

Al-Amoudi has written articles and a book to help women avoid the mistake she made and encourage women to be proactive with breast cancer detection. She has also launched the popular American breast cancer symbol of pink ribbons in Saudi Arabia.