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Couple Injured in Home Explosion

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A couple in Sanpete Utah was seriously injured after their home exploded today. The cause of the explosion may have been snow or ice falling from the roof and hitting and damaging an exposed propane line. The leaking propane was ignited after potentially two days of leakage into the crawl space of the home.

Officials advise that once a propane tank is installed they should always be checked for cracks, holes or leaks. The tanks should also be located as far from the home as possible.

If those tips don’t work and you smell something funny, you need to get out. “Even if you think you’re not smelling something that you recognize, always wise to leave the house, call 911, have us come check it out. We have all kinds of equipment that detects,” explained Capt. Karleen Montanez, of the Salt Lake City Fire Department.