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Amy Schauers
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$23 Million for Pediatric Research

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A $23 million dollar gift was announced today to The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This generous funding was given by the Richard King Mellon Foundation to establish a new institute to research illnesses in children. With this new facility the Children’s Hospital expects groundbreaking medical advancement and the public hopes for new treatments in pediatric medicine.

“With this institute at our new campus I really marvel at what we will be able to do,” Roger Oxendale, the president and CEO of Children’s Hospital, said at a news conference. “It’s exciting even just to ponder the possibilities.”

The Children’s Hospital is in the process of completing their new campus and research is scheduled to begin in October 2008. The new institute plans to conduct

“high-risk, high-impact” research

that other hospitals and institutes are not willing to fund.

Parker said, “I hope this is a step in the direction to finding new cures and new treatments for child illnesses.”