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Utah's Largest Medical Malpractice Verdict

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Back in 2000, Jim and I obtained Utah’s largest medical malpractice verdict in a case relating to birth injuries suffered by an infant delivered at Cottonwood Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. The 9.7 million dollar verdict was rendered by a Salt Lake City jury after just a few hours of jury deliberation. The Williams claimed in their medical malpractice lawsuit that their OBGYN and IHC misread tests that caused their baby, Deserae, to have Cerebral Palsy and which resulted in severe and disabling brain injuries.

The 9.7 million dollar verdict is not the only multimillion dollar malpractice jury verdict we have obtained, and we have also obtained million dollar verdicts in more than one wrongful death case. In the Rulon Allred death case, we obtained Utah’s largest wrongful death verdict, a verdict of over 53 million dollars.