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“New” Chrysler Announces it Will Accept More Liability Claims

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According to a report in the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler Group LLC announced yesterday that it will now accept liability claims for faulty and defective products manufactured before the company exited bankruptcy on June 10th. What led to this change of heart? Chrysler Group senior vice president of external affairs and public policy, John Bozella, said that the company now has a better understanding of its economic viability and these claims won’t sink the company.

But there is still a hitch. If you have a claim arising from an accident which occurred before the company’s bankruptcy, your personal injury or wrongful death claim or suit will still be against the assets of the "old" Chrysler which remain in bankruptcy.

This is great news for some, but the status quo remains for those caught in the "donut hole" of being a victim of Chrysler’s negligence at the wrong time. There has to be a way to provide those people and families with adequate redress for such corporate errors.