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Finally a Positive Taser Case?


A bull escaped from its owner in South Jordan yesterday and, among other things, ran over an 80-year-old man. People attempted to subdue the raucous animal but were unsuccessful so police tased it. It was also shot it with a tranquilizer so that the owner could get it into a trailer. The injured man was taken to an area hospital to be checked out but his injuries were minor.

The bull did not fare so well – it died after being subdued. The question now is why did it die? Was it because of the tasering (it is unclear how many Tasers were used), the tranquilizer, a combination of the two, or something else entirely? If it was the Tasers or the Tasers were a significant contributing factor, we had all better be careful around Taser wielding police – if Tasers can kill a bull, that certainly bolsters the mounting evidence that their use on humans is dangerous and often deadly.


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  1. Sam Roberts says:
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    Now if Tasers could just rid this world of blood sucking personal injury trial lawyers that would really be something!

  2. Bret Hanna says:
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    Thank you, Sam – that certainly is an insightful comment. Do you have a comment that is relevant to Tasers or the use of them? Or is your issue with personal injury lawyers in general? If so, is there an opportunity for productive dialogue?