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Amy Schauers

Wrongful Death of Draper Boy

Dana Blum seeks to hold accountable those involved in the wrongful death of her 14 year old son. Blum hopes that the charges she brings against a Draper youth care facility will bring about changes. McConkie said, “Facilities that care for children need to be properly trained on life saving protocols in order to get children the medical attention they need if a health issue should arise.” An…

Jenny Albano

Serious Problems Found at Crandall Canyon Mine 3 Years Before Collapse

Inspectors from The Bureau of Land Management stated that there were “serious structural problems” found at the Crandall Canyon Mine in Utah three years before the roof of the mine collapsed and killed nine people in August 2007. But the Labor Department did not know about the problems with the mine until after the collapse and the agency approved mining at the site.”This is like the CIA not…

James McConkie

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in the State of Utah

Jim McConkie and Brad Parker have handled numerous wrongful death claims in the State of Utah and hold the record for a jury verdict in this area. Under common law, a dead person cannot bring a suit for the death of a relative. That rule has been overridden by a Utah law which, for example, permits a wife and children to bring a suit for the death of a husband.

Brad Parker

Collision With A Semi-Truck? Who Suffers The Damage?

When automobiles are involved in highway accidents with semi- trucks, those traveling in the automobiles are generally at far greater risk and danger than those traveling in the semi-trucks. It is really just a matter of physics. The mass and kinetic energy of a loaded semi truck traveling at 55 miles per hour is almost always significantly greater than the mass and kinetic energy of any…

Brad Parker

Immunity of Spouse for Wrongful Death Reviewed by Supreme Court

On March 28, 2007 the Utah Supreme Court was urged to abolish the prohibition a wife has to sue her husband for negligence. The case before the court revolves around a January 2002 accident in which Steven Ellis lost control of his vehicle, crossed the center lane of traffic and collided with a two ton truck, resulting in his own death and seriously injuring his wife. Under present Utah law,…

Brad Parker

Utah's Largest Wrongful Death Verdict – 50 Million Dollars

My partner Jim McConkie and I, two Salt Lake City personal injury attorneys who have practiced together for almost thirty years, hold the record for the largest wrongul death verdict ever obtained in the state. We obtained the verdict in a federal court case we filed relating to the death of Rulon Allred. The case was tried in the Federal District Court in Salt Lake City before a jury…

Chrissie Cole

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Comcast

Comcast and their subcontractor firm, Premier Cable Communications, were on notice that they had a dangerous employee out in the field, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed over alleged murders by one of their technicians.The lawsuit was filed on March 6, in the Circuit Court of Cook County, on behalf of the fiancé of the victim. He is also the administrator of the estate and acting for…