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Ryan M. Springer

The Opioid Epidemic in Utah

Deaths due to drug overdoses are an epidemic in Utah. But not all deaths are caused by illegal drugs. Many are also caused by prescription errors and improper pain management practices.

Bret Hanna

Organ Donation Reveals Grace In the Face of Tragedy

The family of Christina Taylor Green, the 9-year-old girl killed in the Tuscon shootings a little more than a week ago, made the selfless decision to donate her organs after she passed away. The…

Bret Hanna

Miner’s Death Reveals Safety Issues

A 28-year-old miner from Moab died on May 26th in the Pandora Complex uranium mine when he was hit in the back by a boulder that was 15 wide, 11 feet long and anywhere from 4 to 30 inches thick. A…

Bret Hanna

Full Blown Suicide Epidemic At Hill Air Force Base

At least twenty five people have committed suicide at Hill Air Force Base since 2006. A recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune indicates that the rate of suicide at Hill is several times higher…

Bret Hanna

Carbon Monoxide Is Not The Only “Hidden” Gas That Can Kill In Your Home

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the invisible killer because it is a colorless and odorless toxic gas that can kill since its victims aren’t aware of its presence. Unfortunately, a local…

Bret Hanna

Driver Who Killed Utah Runner Suspected of Driving Under the Influence

Jeremy Kunz, 33, was in Las Vegas over the weekend to run the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay with his family. Race organizers describe the event as:
RED ROCK then VIEWS OF THE STRIP at night then more RED…

Bret Hanna

Another Senseless Hazing Death

I’ve blogged on this topic before. This time the hazing death occurred in North Carolina and instead of alcohol poisoning being the cause, it was repeated tackling by members of the Theta Chi…

Bret Hanna

Hazing Should Have Real Consequences

Last November, Michael Starks, an 18-year-old freshman at Utah State University and Sigma Nu pledge, died of alcohol poisoning after a hazing event. On the night of his death, Starks’ future…

Amy Schauers

Gunman Kills In Omaha Mall

A gunman, name not yet released, open fired at Westroads Mall in Omaha today. It is reported that he killed eight people and five more are wounded, two of those critically, before taking his own life. Police received a call reporting a shooter about 1:45 p.m. and arrived six minutes later. Most of the victims were inside Von Maur, said Omaha Police spokeswoman Teresa Negron.”My knees rocked. I…

Amy Schauers

DNA Sample Used in 1974 Wrongful Death

Current DNA technology helped police match samples gathered 33 years ago in a murder case to suspect Gerald Walter Hicker. Hicker actually made the initial missing persons report back in 1974. Prosecutors charged Hicker with first-degree felony murder for the death of Barbara Jean Rocky. Barbara was a BYU student and was found shot six times in Cottonwood Canyon March 12, 1974. New DNA…