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Bret Hanna

Helmets Matter

Utah is one of 28 states that does not require helmets for all motorcycle riders (required for riders 21 years old and younger). But more than half of motorcycle accidents involving riders not wearing helmets are fatal. That is according […]

Ryan M. Springer

Negligent Credentialing

The claim for negligent credentialing in Utah medical malpractice raises some interesting legal issues for patients and their families.

Bret Hanna

Salt Lamps – Savior or Sham?

Himalayan salt lamps have become very popular around the world, especially in eastern cultures where they originated. The reason they have become so popular, is because of claims of health benefits which range from air purification, increased blood circulation, increased […]

Bret Hanna

Utah Needs a Breath of Fresh Air

The EPA recently labeled two Utah communities as “serious” nonattainment areas, because a 2015 deadline for complance with federal small-partciulate pollution rules was missed. The Salt Lake City and Provo metro areas are the two that received the designation. While […]

Bret Hanna

Be Careful Navigating Salt Lake City Streets

It’s something that many who regularly drive in Salt Lake City have anecdotally observed for years: Salt Lake City drivers are terrible.  A recent Allstate Insurance’s America’s Best Drivers report confirms those observations.  Here are the numbers: Salt Lake City […]

Bret Hanna

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is Tomorrow

Utah has the dubious distinction of ranking fourth in the nation for opioid and heroin-related deaths. In fact, at least 100 Utahns have overdosed and died since December. In 2014, 362 Utahns died of overdoses, and more than 47,000 died […]

Bret Hanna

Vitamin B-12 and Depression, is there a Link?

B vitamins, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-9 and B-12, are water soluble vitamins that play critical roles in human cell metabolism.  They either serve as a co-enzyme for critical cell metabolic processes, or as a precursor needed to generate […]

Bret Hanna

Utah’s Roadway Fatalities Heading in the Wrong Direction

According to the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP), human error and human behavior are behind 90 plus percent of Utah highway fatalities. And those fatalities are on the rise. Last year, 275 people died on Utah’s roadways, up from 256 in […]

Bret Hanna

Truck Drivers Finally Enter the Electronic Age

Yesterday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration finally issued a long-awaited rule that requires an estimated 3 million commercial truck and bus drivers to electronically track the hours they spend at the wheel of their vehicles.  The press release is here. […]

Bret Hanna

Lead With A Bright Smile And Fresh Breath

As we’ve all heard a thousand times, “you only have one chance to make a first impression.”  Being well-groomed and well-dressed go a long way toward making that good first impression, but leading with a bright smile and fresh breath […]