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Ryan M. Springer

Gentamicin Toxicity

Gentamicin toxicity can result from medical malpractice and pharmacy negligence.

Bret Hanna

Navigating the Technical World of Passenger Vehicle Safety Recalls

Passenger vehicle safety recalls are fairly common, but a recent one caught my attention because I drive a vehicle that is subject to the recall. I just happened to hear the tail end of blurb about the recall on a […]

Bret Hanna

It’s that time of year again . . .

The holidays are upon us and this time of year means that the U. S. Public Interest Research Group has issued its latest list of dangerous and defective toys.  U.S. PIRG has been compiling and publishing the list for almost […]

Bret Hanna

It’s Child Passenger Safety Week

Who knew? Car seats have a shelf life and it is six years. I certainly didn’t know that factoid until I came across an article about it being Child Passenger Safety Week.  The week started Sunday and in Utah, Primary […]

Bret Hanna

The Government Shutdown and the Food on your Table

The rippling impacts of the partial shutdown of the Federal Government spread far and wide; potentially to the dinner table of every American. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the website is only partially updated because of the shutdown) reported Tuesday […]

Bret Hanna

July 31st Is National Heatstroke Prevention Day

Who knew? I certainly didn’t and that highlights the urgent need for raising awareness of children suffering heatstroke when they are left in cars. The Office of Emergency Medical Services at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), along with Safe […]

Bret Hanna

The Hidden Danger of Grilling

Memorial Day weekend is the traditional kickoff to the summer season and that means grilling in the backyard. I did just that this past Saturday with family and friends who were around for the…

Bret Hanna

Beware The Counterfeit Airbag

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a warning that upwards of 250,000 cars on the road could be equipped with counterfeit airbags. While that accounts for…

Bret Hanna

“Pink Slime” Maker Slows Production in Response to Public Uproar

On Monday, Beef Products, Inc., the maker of the derisively named pink slime beef ingredient, suspended production of the product at three of its four plants in the wake of a negative social…

Bret Hanna

Arsenic in More than Juice?

In my last post, I highlighted the presence of arsenic in fruit juice and the need to be vigilant when it comes to what we feed ourselves and our families. In response, one reader offered the…