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Bret Hanna

Navigating the Technical World of Passenger Vehicle Safety Recalls

Passenger vehicle safety recalls are fairly common, but a recent one caught my attention because I drive a vehicle that is subject to the recall. I just happened to hear the tail end of blurb about the recall on a […]

Bret Hanna

Did I Speak Too Soon?

I did on one issue, but another issue offers encouragement for long-term progress.  In my last post, I noted how encouraging it was that air quality issues are finally moving to the forefront of engaged debate in Utah.  As the […]

Bret Hanna

It’s Child Passenger Safety Week

Who knew? Car seats have a shelf life and it is six years. I certainly didn’t know that factoid until I came across an article about it being Child Passenger Safety Week.  The week started Sunday and in Utah, Primary […]

Bret Hanna

80 mph Bill Speeds Through Utah Legislature

As proposed legislation goes, House Bill 80 (yes, that is the number for the bill) aimed at raising the speed limit on Utah freeways to 80 mph, is winding its way through the legislative process toward becoming law at an […]

Bret Hanna

Failure to Buckle Up Leading Cause of Death on Roadways

In a “zero fatalities” report issued yesterday, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) blames 71 of 219 roadway deaths in 2013 on people not wearing seat belts. That is disproportionately high percentage of the deaths that occurred on Utah roads […]

Bret Hanna

Another Death Caused By Intextication

When does it stop? The latest victim is a 15-year-old teenager from Vernal, Utah. The boy and a friend were walking along the shoulder of 500 West in Vernal around 9:00 p.m. Sunday, when a…

Bret Hanna

Keep Your Family Safe In The Neighborhood

Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not keep statistics on non-crash, non-traffic fatalities, an organization started by a passionate mother of two children does….

Bret Hanna

KidsAndCars.org Does Amazing Work

It started with a horrifying experience for a family, and progressed to the formation of a powerful voice for prevention of auto related childhood injuries and deaths. In 1995, Janette Fennell and…

Bret Hanna

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Turns 50 – Watch this Video

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The Institute describes itself this way on its website:

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an…

Mark J. Williams

An Urgent Plea to Drivers and Cyclists: Share the Road

We were sadly reminded this week of the dangers facing cyclist anytime they share the road with motor vehicles. Two bike riders were hit this week in Salt Lake County– one seriously injured and the…